Modern automatics solutions in mining



The „Belchatów“ Brown Coal Mine (KWB) runs an open cast mining of brown coal field located in the central region of Poland. The KWB has an annual production capacity of 38,5 million tons of brown coal. The mine was built by applying many original and innovative technical solutions and now is reckoned as one of the most modern and biggest open cast mines in Europe and worldwide. In 2002 a new deposit „Pole Szczerców“ mining has begun. The fiber optic technology and RS2 switches by Hirschmann™ are used there to connect automatic and security systems.



The range of PRODUS Joint-Stock Company services includes projecting, performance and integration of advanced computing, telecommunication, automatics and security systems. Modern and reliable solutions offered by PRODUS are useful in industrial and military sectors, come from certified manufacturers of products and systems, ensure full flexibility of systems – possibility of their integration, modernisation and/or development. The company offers its solutions for the industrial sector as well as commercial and military applications.

Project parameters

  • 8 band conveyors
  • 4 power stations
  • Data transmission for conveyors automatics systems, power stations, access control and fire-control systems
  • Remote (via ATM) control and configuration of automatics devices/equipment


  • Harsh environment
  • Fail-safe reliability
  • Fast Ethernet
  • Easy network expansion and components replacement


  • Network topology: cascade
  • Network range: 12 stations connected by 11km of fiber optic cable
  • Switches with optical fiber and twisted pair
  • Singlemode optical fiber, 16dB link budget at 1300nm

Separate fiber optic networks for:

  • Conveyor automatics systems
  • Power stations automatic systems
  • Access control and fire-control systems

Why Hirschmann™?

  • High reliability
  • Equipment operates in extreme environmental conditions
  • Products according to industrial standards
  • Homogenous and well segmented product family