Candidate's Agreement

The certification examination is taken online.

The examination predominantly consists of multiple choice questions, arranged in sections. You can navigate back and forth between questions in each individual section, but not between sections.

When you click the button to end the examination, or when the time window expires and the examination is automatically terminated, the results will be displayed on your screen (pass / fail, and the number of points scored). The results will be stored on the Hirschmann Certification Server. If you have passed, the corresponding certificate will be sent to you via post within a few days.

If you do not pass the examination and doubt the validity of the score, you can request that an evaluation of the results be carried out by an employee of the Hirschmann Competence Center. The appraisal is binding, and Hirschmann will accept no other claims.
If you experience difficulties with your Internet connection, you can take the examination at a Hirschmann site. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

Please ensure that your Internet connection is working correctly. Hirschmann is not responsible for the data rate or the stability of your connection. Hirschmann guarantees both adequate bandwidth to and availability of the Hirschmann Certification Server.

For your own benefit you should ensure that you take the examination in a conducive environment. Switch off or redirect your telephone, and take the necessary step to make sure you are not disturbed.

You must agree

  • to take the test without assistance from other persons or resources,
  • not to communicate questions or answers to another person, and to maintain the confidentiality of this information for 5 years after the termination of the Certification,
  • not to assist another person with an examination,
  • that the Certification is only valid for the prescribed duration.

Conditions of the Certification

  1. The Certification entitles you to use the applicable logo on your business cards and company notepaper for the duration of your Certification, in accordance with Hirschmann's corporate identity guidelines. This will prove your expertise to other people. If requested by Hirschmann, you must submit an example of your business card and notepaper for examination. The right to use the logo may not be transfered to another person.
  2. All trade marks and logos remain the property of Hirschmann.
  3. Your employer may not use your Certification for advertising purposes, unless previously agreed in writing by Hirschmann.
  4. Your Certification does not entitle you to offer technology or product training, either in the name of or using products from Hirschmann.
  5. The holder will do nothing which would damage or reduce the value or reputation of the Certification.
  6. Hirschmann reserves the right to change the conditions of the Certification at any time, or to add new conditions.
  7. Hirschmann reserves the right to pass information about your Certification and its duration to third parties.
  8. If one of the above conditions is not legally permissable, this does not invalidate the remaining conditions, only the specific part.

In the event of misuse and violation of these conditions Hirschmann may hold you liable for damages, and Hirschmann reserves the right to revoke an existing Certification with immediate effect.

Hirschmann offers Certified individuals the opportunity to be listed on the Hirschmann server, to assist anyone looking for qualified support. If you do not agree that Hirschmann may publish your data (name, company, location, email, telepone number) on the Internet in a freely accessible location, together with information about other Certification holders, for the duration of your Certification, please inform us by email.