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Dear Network Experts,

New technologies are new opportunities. Industrial Ethernet is a specialized branch of the Ethernet tree, and one that requires knowledge across disciplines that were previously unrelated. For the small number of people with that unique combination of industrial and Ethernet experience, the rewards are high. But how do you prove your competence? The answer is the same for each branch of the IT Industry.

Industrial Ethernet Certification not only proves your Ethernet skills, but demonstrates a breadth of knowledge which encompasses fieldbus and real-time technologies, TCP/IP in industrial environments, industrial network management, network security, wireless LANs, structured cabling and network design, and the stringent demands of mission-critical industrial networks. Since 2003, Hirschmann™ has issued over 2500 certificates to more than 1000 people from 58 countries.

But Industrial Ethernet Certification means more than just demonstrating your competence to your present or future employers. A company which employs certified engineers can rest assured that its network is in the hands of a certified industry professional. A reseller or distributor can inspire the confidence of its customers by highlighting the proven competence of its support engineers and designers. Now is the time to acquire a command of Industrial Ethernet! Made to measure, practically oriented, international. Wishing you every success.