Expertise In Practice

Making use of state-of-the-art components and optimum network design, modern Ethernet technology opens up possibilities for the creation of highly efficent and economical industrial networks. But the initial installation actually accounts for only one sixth of the overall costs incurred by a local network. The remainder is made up of costs involved in operation, maintenance, servicing and downtimes.

An unscheduled network failure can quickly have extreme consequences - particularly in complex production plants. The best defence against costly downtimes is the assurance of on-site specialists and external service providers qualified to quickly remedy faults or to prevent them ever happening. Certified expertise is your guarantee of compliance with all the necessary standards.

Internal Network Support

Your company has installed or is planning to install an Industrial Ethernet application?

A network of experts should be on hand to ensure continuous qualified application management. Qualified employees are indispensable.

Whether you deploy a single network engineer or a rapid response team on site - internal competence means damage prevention, cuts response times to a minimum and can help coordinate the activities of any external suppliers. As committed employees can be trained and certified for only a few hundred Euros, this is an investment which often pays off after a single failure incident.

External Network Support

You sell Ethernet components or install networks for your customers?

In this case you are moving in an ever more hotly contested competitive environment. The headlong growth of Industrial Ethernet has led to an explosion of “experts” in the field - often with widely differing levels of know-how.

A certification from the market leader in the field is your confirmation of genuine, up-to-the-minute expertise. Which for your customers means the assurance that they are dealing with qualified specialists. And for you, it means a major competitive advantage. Regular verification of your service quality.

Personally Certified

Knowledge is locked in the minds of individuals. Which is why our certifications relate to people, not companies.

This offer provides the opportunity for individuals as well as service providers to enhance their market value. For employers, it means the assurance of gaining documented specialist expertise through further training programs.