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SPIDER PoE Injector

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches with Power over Ethernet (PoE) functionality provide remote power to terminal devices with the SPIDER PoE Injector from Hirschmann.

HiOS 3.0 operating system for industrial Ethernet switches

WLAN Firmware with “Near Wired Connection" Reliability

Wireless Access Points from Hirschmann incorporate Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) into its OpenBAT devices with HiLCOS 8.9.

The Hirschmann™ GECKO 4TX industrial Ethernet switch

Are you using or considering using an unmanaged Ethernet switch in your application, but require some easy-to-implement management functionality? Now you can with the GECKO 4TX Lite Managed Ethernet Switches from Hirschmann.

Industrial HiVision from Hirschmann™

As a network manager, you need access to detailed timely information on all network devices, independent of the manufacturer. The HiFusion tool integrated into the latest release of Industrial HiVision enables the integration of SNMP-enabled devices from different manufacturers into a single network management application.

HiMobile from Hirschmann™

If you need direct and convenient access to network information, even if you are not at your workstation, then the new HiMobile application from Hirschmann is the ideal choice. The new HiMobile app, together with Hirschmann™ HiVision network management software, is the perfect client/server solution for mobile monitoring of network nodes using your smartphone or tablet.

RSPE switches from Hirschmann™

Permanent access to your Ethernet based systems is an absolute prerequisite for your business processes. The IT world, however, changes rapidly. The Ethernet managed switches in the new RSPE family from Hirschmann enable your data communication to keep pace at all times with expansion in mind.

Hirschmann™ Operating System HiOS 4.0

If you have Hirschmann Ethernet switches in your network, the latest release of the operating system (HiOS 4.0) is available as a free upgrade. With zero switchover times, the PRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol) and HSR (High-Availability Seamless Redundancy) redundancy methods ensure smooth network operation.

Tofino™ Xenon Security Appliance

Segmenting your network into security zones made simple with the new Tofino™ Xenon security appliance. You define the rules that specify which network devices are allowed to communicate and what protocols they may use. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) options allow detailed filters to enforce security policy such as only allowing read commands to be sent to an end device.

OpenRail - Modular Industrial Switches

Design your industrial Ethernet network infrastructure with expansion and protection in mind. The MSP managed Ethernet switches from Hirschmann is a tailor-made solution and supports Power over Ethernet Plus (Poe+) with Layer 2 or 3 functionality.

Introducing the Next Generation Tofino Cyber Security Solution