Meyer Werft has chosen Belden for their HD entertainment systems

German-based shipyard MEYER WERFT, Papenburg was founded in 1795. The company is especially well known for the construction of modern and highly sophisticated cruise ships and has built 29 luxury liners for customers from all over the world.



The latest highlight was the delivery of the Disney Dream in December 2010, which is the third out of four huge cruise ships and owned by Disney Cruise Line.

These luxury cruise ships offer a unique family vacation leaving every family member with the experience that the cruise was created just for them. Disney provides age-specific spaces, events and activities and an innovative approach to dining rotating guests through different theme restaurants.

Meyer Werft has chosen Belden HD designed coaxial cables to deliver the optimum of performance for video systems.

The first two cruise ships (Disney Magic and Disney Wonder) were built in 1998 and 1999 at Fincantieri shipyard in Italy. Fincantieri is one of Belden’s oldest customers and has been using Belden cables for over a long period of time.

Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships, currently under construction, will be 128,000 tons and will have 1,250 staterooms each, which will more than double the passenger capacity of Disney Cruise Line.

Installations of outdoor 7x7 meter jumbo LED screens on deck and 3-D cinemas indoor require the best-in-class cable infrastructure. Therefore Meyer Werft has chosen Belden HD designed coaxial cables (1694A and 7731A) to deliver the optimum of performance.

  • 1694A best performance for long runs
  • 7731A superb for extreme long runs

With today’s audiences demanding higher performance for HD and 3G more than ever, Belden’s coaxial cables really are in a position to deliver the very highest quality performance, thanks to their headroom innovation that has been tried and tested at the highest-profile international TV networks and sports events.

The enhanced quality of picture requires a cable that can deliver outstanding results in a range of criteria including Return Loss (RL). Return Loss is the measure of the ratio of signal power launched into a distribution system to the power reflected back to the source. RL changes the amplitude of the signal reaching the receiver and decreases the effective cable distance. The key to HD/3G is to ensure that the RL parameters for installations are held within certain critical limits, hence the term Headroom.

Belden’s Crush Resistance™ has become another byword for unrivalled quality within the industry. Extensive and demanding testing procedures have proved that Belden HD coaxial cables confident assertions are grounded in reality. Installations of the massive A/V system began always with installing tones of cables within conduit pathways. Therefore it is critical to have stable performance with all the weight on the cables. This is where Belden’s cables really shine, because their performance after installation is unequalled. And this is due primarily to high-density nitrogen-gas-injected foam dielectric.